SGI Charter

The SGI Charter expresses these core values in the beliefs in the ideal of world citizenship, the spirit of tolerance, and the safeguarding of fundamental human rights. SGI has non-governmental organization (NGO) status with the United Nations. In that capacity, the SGI president Daisaku Ikeda submits a Peace Proposal to the United Nations annually on the anniversary of the SGI’s founding — January 26, 1975. Daisaku Ikeda has written extensively on topics ranging from issues concerning human rights and dignity to conflict resolution. In his annual peace proposals over the past 16 years, he reviews the state of the world and contributes suggestions of practical initiatives as viable responses grounded in the Buddhist philosophy.

The SGI Charter consists of 10 principles that confirm the ideals of world citizenship, freedom of religion, and tolerance and respect for other religions. Members of SGI embrace the fundamental aim and mission of contributing to peace, culture and education based on Buddhist respect for the sanctity of life. The activities held are in tandem to the culture and needs of the respective countries and the members contribute as responsible citizens cherishing the global vision of a peaceful world.

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